Join the Fundraising Team!

I wanted to take a second to acknowledge a slightly overlooked committee that has gone out of their way to make sure each and every one of us has been welcomed and included at events hosted by the Washoe Dems:

Cecilia Colling, Mary Conelly, Deb Drum, Alice Good, Laurie Haley, Joan Kruse, Thelma Martin and Dean Schermerhorn comprised the core of the fundraising and events team that together with numerous volunteers always provided a great way for the Washoe Dems to come out and fundraise.  Thank You!  Your hard work has provided for the wellbeing and future of the Washoe Dems.   1,000 times thank you!

We are seating a new fundraising and events committee and are looking for volunteers. Have you been to an amazing wine tasting or dinner in the past few years and thought, “How can I help with that?” A motivated and positive individual will excel on this committee. We will be responsible for planning, staffing, as well as many other duties associated with the fundraising and event efforts of the Washoe Dems. Do you like to organize big events and gather cool donations and prizes? Our volunteers and committees are the backbone of our fundraising efforts. We will need folks to coordinate details with the venue, seek donations for raffles and door prizes as well as people to check folks in, sell raffle tickets and maybe a few other things none of us can even imagine yet!  You might even be asked to work the grill at a BBQ if you’re comfortable with it! We will also report regularly to the executive board on our efforts.

This is your chance. We need you. Our committee should be at least 5 folks and will meet as needed.   If you just want to help at events, we can sign you up for just that, as well.   

Thank you for your time

Allen “Eli” Smith

Email me @ or call me at 775-354-4919 and we can talk about things.